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Welcome to JSC, your premier provider of metal finishing services since 1985. We are experts in fluidized bed powder coating, and have been ISO certified since 2012.

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Incorporated in 1985, Job Shop Coatings has been providing superior metal finishing services in and around Indiana for nearly four decades. Since our founding, we have become a preferred coating partner in both the medical and commercial fabrication industries. As fluidized bed powder coating experts, we are able to provide industry leading turnaround times in addition to exceptional results. For more information about JSC and our range of first-rate metal finishing services, contact us today. Give us a call at (317) 462-9714, send an email to, or click here to request a quote.


Brandon S.

Job Shop is a strategic partner for Arcamed. They provide a service crucial to our design and manufacture process. Our team knows that Job Shop can deliver on time and accurately to the requested specifications. They have a customer first mentality which helps us meet our goals and deadlines for our customers.

Zach S.

Job Shop Coatings is one of our most reliable vendors. They provide timely service and ensure that all our needs are met, such as making sure our PO requirements are met for color and coating thickness. They also do an amazing job of keeping their word. If they say coating will be done by a certain date, they meet that date.

Heather C.

I have been working with Job Shop Coatings the past 3 years. They have been easy to work with and have done everything that they could to help meet our requirements. We have never had any concerns with the quality of their work and look forward to our continued working relationship. I would highly recommend Job Shop Coatings.

Jim S.

I have been working with Job Shop Coatings for over 20 years. They developed the process which enables their nylon coatings to withstand the extremes of surgical cleaning and sterilization without peeling off. Their quality is excellent! Their team is organized and responsive. They are an outstanding supplier/partner, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any company needing high quality nylon coating.

Frank L.

The overall performance, reliability, and service provided by Job Shop Coatings has kept Stevens Wire Products Inc. coming back for over 30 years.  The quality, competitive pricing, and technical support has always been superior when it comes to nylon fluidized bed coatings for wire products.

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