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Nylon Powder Coating in Indiana

Well-known for its superior finishing quality and durability, nylon powder coating is used for many different applications. At JSC, we stock a variety of color coatings in the Nylon 11 (PA11) family, sourced from Arkema’s Rilsan® product line.

Nylon Powder Coating Features and Benefits

Rilsan®  PA11 has become the global standard for flexible polyamide resins, thanks to its unique and useful properties.

Castor Seed Based

Castor Seed Based:

At JSC, we use castor seed based nylon powder coatings, which are more environmentally friendly than their petroleum-based counterparts.

Nylon Powder Coating Abrasion Resistance Indiana

Abrasion Resistant:

Nylon powder coating’s smooth surface finish gives it a low coefficient of friction, which leads to high abrasion resistance.

Nylon Powder Coating JSC Resistance Indiana

Impact Resistant:

Nylon powder coating from JSC offers exceptional impact resistance to keep your parts protected no matter the application.

Nylon Powder Coating Chemical Resistance Indiana

Chemical Resistance:

Nylon powder coating offers exceptional chemical resistance, even at elevated temperatures.

Rilsan® PA11 lightweight


Rilsan®  PA11 is extremely lightweight, which makes it perfect for applications where weight reduction is a priority.

For more information on the specific key properties of Rilsan®  PA11, click here.

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JSC has been providing expert metal finishing services in Indiana since our founding in 1985. We specialize in fluidized bed powder coating, and have been ISO certified since 2012. You can trust us to supply the right coating solution for your project every time.

Nylon Powder Coating for the Medical Industry

Nylon powder coating is a good choice for many medical applications. For example, we coat brackets riveted to surgical trays to elevate tools with nylon, which allows them to stand up to frequent sterilization. These nylon coated brackets can be autoclaved and reused over and over again without losing efficacy, making it possible for equipment suppliers and hospital administrators to save money without cutting corners.

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