Epoxy Powder Coating Features and Benefits

Epoxy Powder Coating in Indiana

Epoxy powder coating is durable, resilient, and highly effective for applications in particularly harsh environments. At JSC, we exclusively stock Axalta’s Black Beauty epoxy, which, when properly controlled, can be used to coat dozens of items simultaneously for a highly efficient primerless finish.

Epoxy Powder Coating Features and Benefits

Epoxy is an organic compound made up of carbon chains linked to other elements. Epoxy powder coating has many useful properties, including:

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Epoxy powder coating creates an extremely hard finish, giving a part or piece of equipment high impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and overall durability.

Epoxy Powder Coating Benefits Indiana

Corrosion Resistance:

Epoxy powder coating is exceptionally corrosion resistant, which makes it a good metal finishing option for applications that involve corrosive environments with high levels of moisture.

Epoxy Powder Coating Chemicals Resistance Indiana

Chemical Resistance:

Epoxy powder coating offers excellent protection against a variety of harsh chemicals.

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Applications for Epoxy Powder Coating

Thanks to its many useful features, epoxy powder coating is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Industrial Powder Coating Indiana


Epoxy powder coating is great for protecting industrial equipment from general wear and tear as well as aggressive chemicals.

Epoxy Powder Coating Marine Applications Indiana


Epoxy powder coating is ideal for marine applications, because they often involve high risk of corrosion, which epoxy mitigates.

Epoxy Powder Coating in Indiana


Epoxy powder coating is well suited for architectural applications, like protecting steel rebars.

Epoxy Powder Coating Household Products


Epoxy powder coating is used in the manufacturing of household goods like dishwashers, washing machines, stoves, and refrigerators.

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