Epoxy Powder Coating Features and Benefits

Abrasive Sandblasting in Indiana

Surface prep is often a necessary step in the metal finishing process. That’s why JSC offers automatic and manual abrasive sandblasting services. We maintain 9 dedicated sandblasting stations, and are capable of processing a variety of items quickly and efficiently.


Abrasive Sandblasting in Indiana


Abrasive Sandblasting Features and Benefits

Size Capabilities

Size Capabilities:

JSC can process items in a wide range of sizes, from smaller than a dime to 36”x24”x24”.

Automatic Sandblasting

Automatic Sandblasting:

With automatic sandblasting, we can process hundreds of parts at once. It is ideal for smaller items that don’t require delicate handling.

Abrasive Medium

Abrasive Medium:

At JSC, we use 80 grit brown fused aluminum oxide for our abrasive media, because it is highly versatile and well suited for use on a variety of materials. Click here for information about specific key properties.

Manual Sandblasting

Manual Sandblasting:

JSC uses manual sandblasting for very large or very fragile items that would bend or warp in the automatic system as a result of too much force.

Exclusive Sandblasting Policy

Exclusive Sandblasting Policy:

JSC is willing to exclusively sandblast an item without cleaning or coating it.

When is Abrasive Sandblasting Required?

Abrasive sandblasting is not a necessary part of every coating project. Many items for commercial and industrial applications only require priming in order to process, and don’t need to be abraded.

However, it is essential for certain medical applications, as it ensures proper adhesion of the coating to the item in question. There are also some specific coatings that JSC cannot apply without sandblasting first.

Not sure if your project requires sandblasting? Talk to a JSC team member. We are happy to help you determine which surface prep services are necessary for your application.

Why Choose JSC?

For fast, clean, efficient sandblasting, look no further than JSC. We have been providing abrasive sandblasting services in Indiana since our company was established in 1985. In the decades since, we have built up an impressive knowledge base. JSC can process thousands of brackets a day at our dedicated stations, and our staff is highly skilled in manual sandblasting for large or fragile items. Thanks to our extensive experience, you can trust us to determine the best way to sandblast your items and deliver high-quality results every time.

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