Plastisol Dip Coating Indiana

Yellow was not our color

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We had a website, once. Prior to this one, created back in 2011. We only know this because we managed to find a capture of it in the wayback machine archives. No notes were maintained regarding its creation, no record on its iteration from start to finish. Reviewing it in hindsight, it was not a ‘bad’ website, not an inscrutable mess of vague or conflicting information. Its single page was not immediately obnoxious, and it did not boldly promise the moon to prospective customers.

Really, its greatest error was being strictly functional in scope. Our contact details, our whereabouts, our range of offered services. And the claim of being an industry leader since 1985.

This sentiment hasn’t changed, we are an industry leader. In our niche within a niche. But such a statement requires a bit of an ego. And proof. Proof of quality work, of continued customer satisfaction, certification we know what we’re doing and can repeat it without fail. Our first website did not contain these things, stood only as declaration of our existence rather than an illustration of our capabilities.

Our work with Interactive Circle intends to change that. This website acts as a detailed expression of those capabilities, of our tenure in this space. We’re nearly 40 years old! Many of our customer relations now span multiple decades! We’ve endured and pivoted and triumphed since the formation of the business in ’85, and spent much of our recent time and effort further refining our facility and equipment for the road ahead. Reentering a digital space with the help of IC is a portion of those efforts, and we thank them for it.

This is not the manifestation of a ‘new’ Job Shop Coatings. We’ve been here a while, and our processes are as razor sharp as ever. Rather, it is a reminder we are an industry leader, and we intend to be for a long time.